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Teresa Snow Galloway <trg1@...>

I must disagree. I wrote to Ms. Feldman privately before, but TREPMAN and
TREJBMAN could very easily be sound alikes. We don't know >from Ms.
Feldman's letter who did the transcription--whether the ancestor wrote his
or her own name or whether an immigration officer or someone else did. In
which case P and B sound very alike, especially word-medially. E represents
a short vowel in English, but in other writing systems represents a long
vowel and in both cases EJ is a related diphthong so I can certainly see one
being replaced by the other.

While I do agree that not every Soundex match is a good one; this one seems
perfectly plausible.

Teresa Galloway
Department of Linguistics
Cornell University

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As far as a surname like TREPMAN, the variations would usually be
with a possibility of TREIPMAN or TREIFMAN.
TREJBMAN on the other hand would become TREIBMAN, TREYBMAN.
If it ever became TREPMAN it would be more probable a misspelling than a
"sound alike".

Of course this "true and fast" rule does not always apply but both
are well known Yiddish surnames and I have never seen them interchanged.



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