Kosow Lacki Indices Now On-Line #poland

Susan Stone <stonegs@...>

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is pleased to announce that the 1863-1899
Birth, Marriage and Death Indices for Kosow Lacki, Poland have been funded
and the data is now available for searching online. This project is part of
the JRI-Poland / Polish State Archives initiative for the indexing of Jewish
vital records of towns in the Siedlce branch.

Kosow Lacki is located 54 miles ENE of Warsaw and 56 miles SW of Bialystok.
Its geographical coordinates are 52'36"/22'09".

I would like to thank members of the JRI-Poland team, Stanley Diamond, Judy
Baston, Michael Tobias, and Sheila Salo as well as Town Leader Paul Weiss
for his leadership of the Kosow Lacki project, and the many researchers who
generously contributed to the cost of indexing of these records.

Visit the JRI-Poland site at http://www.jewishgen.org/JRI-PL/jriplweb.htm to
search for your family names in the database.

The indices for records of several other towns in the Siedlce Archives are
also now available but the cost of indexing has not been fully funded.
However, researchers making a Qualifying Contribution for their town will be
eligible to obtain an Excel file with the birth, marriage and death index
entries - in advance of the data being released.

Indices to the Jewish vital records of the following towns are available:

TOWN Types Years Qualifying

Kolbiel BMD 1855-1892 $ 50

Lukow BMD 1869-1899 $100

Siedlce BMD 1861-1899 $ 75

Sokolow Podlaski BMD 1826, 1865-1899 $100

Wegrow B 1849-1898 $100

M 1849-1895

D 1854-1895

See the JRI-Poland Archive Status Page at


Select the Siedlce project and click onto each town to see if your surnames
are listed for the town.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Susan Stone

Siedlce Archive Coordinator

Polish State Archives Project

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