New Year's Greetings -- and clarification #poland


As a member of the Board of Directors of Jewish Records Indexing-
Poland, please let me take this opportunity to wish all of
you a healthy, happy and sweet New Year of 5763, and one
that further enriches your family history research.

For me, and, I hope for you as well, this past year was full
of exciting discoveries, made through the work of JRI-Poland.
If this is also the case for you, the New Year is an especially
good time to make sure that you have contributed to the indexing
efforts of your towns.

On the new JRI-Poland home page, click on "your town."
If your towns are fully funded, you can make a New Year's
contribution to the JRI-Poland General Fund, which helps
support many aspects of JRI-Poland's important work.

To support JRI-Poland and its many individual projects -
such as indexing of records >from your ancestral town -
please send your checks - marked with the town name
or project for which the money is being donated - to:
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, c/o Sheila Salo,
Treasurer, 5607 Greenleaf Rd., Cheverly, MD20785
or pay by Visa or MasterCard at:

The approaching New Year is also an especially good time
to try to clarify a situation that is becoming increasingly
confusing to many researchers. On our website and our
digests, we indicate that JRI-Poland is an independent
organization that is hosted by JewishGen. But despite
saying this, confusion seems to persist, and many
researchers believe that JRI-Poland and JewishGen
are the same organization. This is not the case.

Jewish Records Indexing-Poland has a totally independent
administrative and financial framework, and is a non-
profit organization in the United States. This means that
if you want to make a contribution to the indexing of your
town's records, or if you want to make a general contribution
to JRI-Poland as a way of saying "thank you" for a research
breakthrough, that contribution must be sent to JRI-Poland
at the above address. If the contribution is sent anywhere else -- including JewishGen -- we will not receive it.

"Hosted by JewishGen" means that JRI-Poland indexes
Polish Jewish records (1.8 million of them !!) but that
JewishGen provides the infrastructure -- the bandwidth
for our database, the servers for our database and website
and the software for our JRI-Poland Discussion Group.

To help support the cost of this infrastructure, and for
the other important features provided by JewishGen, we
hope you will also make a contribution to JewishGen
this New Years, so they will able to continue their
important work.

With my warmest wishes for a healthy, happy and safe

Judy Baston,
Member, Board of Directors,
Jewish Records Indexing-Poland.

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