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I have been following this discussion of surnames/Soundex/pronunciation with great interest. A year ago, I wrote a little tale about how my gfather Pritikin (and his 4 brothers) magically became Pitkin somewhere between Ekaterinoslav and Ellis Island. In Russia, they wouldn't have had much trouble with Pritikin, I should think...and the story always was that the name got changed at Ellis Island.
I received four or five replies >from genners, informing me I didn't know what I was talking about. No names, they said, ever got changed at Ellis Island. A Jewish urban myth, they insisted. The inspectors never heard a name incorrectly because they only looked at the passport/papers!
And yet I keep hearing stories about names being changed, at or near Ellis Island, some changes subtle and some, not so. I imagine it's possible that an inspector trying to read Cyrillic might resort to asking the new immigrant for his/her name, no? (And in the early years of the 20th C, Polish was also written in the Cyrillic alphabet.)
And if the inspectors got the names >from the ship's manifest, even worse. I don't suppose much attention was paid to details if you were going steerage and one name was as good as another. It's probable that many many mistakes were made.
On a tangent, I have tried in vain to find my gmother, father, and aunt in the EIDB. A young woman and 2 little kids, nowhere to be found, and I don't even have to use Soundex as the name is straightforward: Kamien. I've tried all the various techniques--that I know of--to find them, to no avail. Yet I know they got here. They were counted in the NYC 1910 census and I have that paper. My father was born in 1903 and came over at the age of 4, which makes 1907, doesn't it? Does anyone have an idea for me, where I might find their arrival? My gmother talked about Rotterdam, so that must have been their port of embarkation.
Thanks in advance.
Marcia Kamien

(in Lubotyn or Kossowo, Lomza Gubernia) DYBER, BOROWICZ

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