Cowans in England and Wales in 1901 #poland

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Jim Bennett of Haifa is tracing the COHN families in Krotoszyn/Krotoschin,
Posen Province, >from the 18th and 19th centuries, through their migration
via towns such as
Kowal in the mid-8th century and in about 1810 when they adopted the name
KROTOSZYNSKI and thence to
Wloclawek in the early 19th century and later to America and Britain, where
their name became COWEN and

Yesterday I posted the Cowens and today it is the turn of the COWANS. Here
are the "Male Gender" Cowans of foreign descent living in England and Wales
in 1901, in descending age order. The names are followed by their age, their
place of birth and nationality where relevant, the place where they were
enumerated in the 1901 census and finally their occupation, if it is known.

There appear to be fewer Cowans than Cowens - two letters changed in the
name was obviously not as popular and also fewer Cowan children of the male
sex. Although ofcourse there could be boys born in England, after
immigration, that I have missed.

However here is a surprise. There are a three Cowan girls born in Russia:

Ethel Cowan - 9 - Russia Foreign Subject - Liverpool Liverpool
Sarah Cowan -11 - Russia Foreign Subject -Liverpool Liverpool
Belia Cowan -12 - Russia Foreign Subject - Liverpool Liverpool

and I presume this is their mother:

Annie Cowan - 38 - Russia Foreign Subject - Liverpool Liverpool and she is
probably married to either Israel or Harris below.

Amongst the listed male "Cowans of foreign descent", I have included Lewis,
because of his first name which is commonly associated with Jewish boys in

John Cowan - 52 - Not known - Newcastle, Elswick - Master tailor
Israel Cowan - 49 - Poland, Russian Subject -Lancashire Liverpool -Tailors
Joseph Cowan - 46 - Germany, British Subject - Middlesex
Willesden -Commercial Traveller Machinery Paper
Spencer Cowan - 44 - America, American Subject - London St George
Bloomsbury - Art Adviser
Lewis Cowan - 40 - Surrey Barras - London St Marylebone - Sugar merchant
Harris Cowan 39 - Russia, Foreign Subject -Liverpool Liverpool -picture
Mark Cowan - 32 - Not known Rumania? Eng C not S? - London Fulham - Tailor
Hyman Cowan - 24 - ? -Yorkshire Ecclesall - Tailor and Cutter
Isidore Cowan - 24 - Poland, Russian Subject - Lancashire Liverpool -
Picture Shop Keeper
Abraham Cowan - 20 -Poland, Russian subject - Lancashire Liverpool -
travelling draper

NB: I know nothing about these families, I have just carried out this
exercise out of interest for Jewishgen and Jri-pl and "the Cohens of this
world" to whom I belong.

Celia Male [UK]

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