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It was originally believed that my Grandmother >from Wielkie Ozcy, Poland
name was Rachel Wolfus. However, discovery of different documents and
photos, has shown us varying surnames.

The following are all possibilities,
WOLFUS - Australian Naturalisation Certificate
BOLFUS- Ketcher BOLFUS - Her Father, farmer and Emily BOLFUS, Mother.
Marriage certificate

If anyone has any information on any of these names/surnames it would be
greatly appreciated if you could send it to me at


The number of competing surnames is no greater than two, not four as you appear
to believe; in fact, I think there is no competition at all.

WOLFUS and WOLFUSS are, of course, the same thing. The minor difference is a
result of different state of mind in tranliterating >from Cyrillic to Latin

WOLFUSSOWNA is not an independent surname, but is exactly the way that a woman,
a daughter or wife of a WOLFUSS, would write her surname.

I suspect that "BOLFUS" may also be the result of transliteration. Someone
unfamiliar with Russian has become confused between the second and third
letters of the Cyrillic alphabet.

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