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<< On 11/28/2002 9:39 PM Diane M. Freilich wrote

Can someone offer a solution as to how to print JRI-Poland vital
records for various towns. Before the change in format, I had no
problem. Now using landscape I am still missing the last three
columns of the database.
PS I tried to contact their technical support, but the hyperlink was
not active.
Diane M. Freilich of Michigan >>
As another suggestion--- I have a Mac computer and more importantly, a HP970
CSI printer, granted it's several years old. The main point is that my
printer software (called a "printer driver") has the ability to print in
reduced size. Thus after some experimenting (by printing a sample
"troublesome" page in draft form), I adjust the printer software >from my
toolbar and have it print the whole document in 65 percent size (NOT the
normal 100 percent size). That captures any page with overly wide
horizontally laid out information, those with multiple database columns.

If there's any way to reduce the scale of the page printing, you'll get every
column, as I have.

Milton Goldsamt
Silver Spring, MD

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