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Jan Meisels Allen <janmallen@...>

Dear Jurek and JRI-Poland:
Thank you and other JRI-Polanders for all your helpful advise. It is always
such a wonder to me that we can obtain such great assistance and
information quickly to help one another.

Another researcher on JRI-Poland, also responded to me personally with the
following information:
"I saw references to "Msciwuje/Lomza" or "Msciwuje in the vicinity of Maly
Plock" as a place where Jews >from the neighboring towns and villages were
taken for execution by the Germans. According to one article in Polish,
there was an investigation by the German court in Dortmund in 1968
concerning the execution of 4,000 Jews in "Msciwuje/Lomza" in 1941 (the
article referred to German archives in Ludwigsburg: Zentralstelle Dortmund,
file 45 Js 18/64, and Zentrale Stelle Ludwigsburg, file V 205 AR-Z 104/59).
In another Polish article there is a reference to Jews >from Kolno,
Szczuczyn, Stawiski and Jedwabne being taken by the Germans in 1941 to
"Msciwuje and Kolimagi near Maly Plock"for execution.
I located Msciwuje approximately 15-20 kilometers northwest of Lomza. The
name of the village on the map which refers to XVI century, is
Msciwuje-Puzystok; the reference in the text is to Puzowstok rather than
Puzystok, in Plocko parish, purchased by a certain Msciwuj >from Karwowo from
a certain Przemyk, in 1414-1425, hence the name of the village, Msciwuje."

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