An Exciting New Years Message from JewishGen #poland

Susan E. King <susan.king@...>

As we embark on 2003, JewishGen will reach yet another milestone as the
leading Internet site for researching Jewish ancestry and Jewish
heritage. Connecting and re-connecting families through the open sharing
of information has become the JewishGen hallmark over these many years.
The spirit of cooperation and sharing, the spirit of building community
through the pioneering of the Internet has made JewishGen what it is
today. Thousands of hands at work created one of the most successful grass
roots efforts in the field of Jewish genealogy and perhaps even in the
Jewish world. A credit to all!

Marked by both great accomplishments and daunting challenges, JewishGen
has reached a pinnacle in our young life relying on our driving force
towards preserving the past for the present and into the future. But in
the background has been the nagging thought - how can we best preserve
JewishGen, ensure JewishGen's continuity, yet continue to reach out and
serve the growing needs of our constituents? Even more importantly, how
can we build on what we have created, taking it to even greater heights?
How can we continue to weave this web of information about our families,
their lives, our history, our heritage?

Our efforts throughout 15 years of growth, development and success have
not gone unnoticed and our prayers have been answered.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we can announce today that
JewishGen will become part of one of the most outstanding and
distinguished institutions in New York City, The Museum of Jewish
Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. This relationship will
become effective January 1, 2003, a new year that will indeed mark a new
era for JewishGen, and with it a new era for Jewish genealogy.

There is much to do over the coming weeks and months to provide as
seamless a transition as possible. We are committed to focusing our
energies on ensuring that valuable resources and research information
will be made available to the Jewish community worldwide as quickly as
possible. To make this happen, Michael Tobias and Warren Blatt, longtime
volunteers, will become full-time employees. They will now be in a
position to get the backlog of data flowing!

Additional information, along with other exciting announcements, will be
forthcoming throughout the next months as we work through the transition
process. We ask that you address any and all questions to so they can be answered and made available
to JewishGen's constituency in a FAQ that will be online shortly.

We invite you to read the attached press release and become acquainted
with our new family.

from JewishGen to all of you, we wish you a peaceful, prosperous and
healthy 2003.

Susan E. King



Contact: Deborah Tropp
212.968.1800 ext. 153

JewishGen, World's Leading Internet Jewish Genealogy Resource, To Join
Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

(New York, NY) - Effective January 1, 2003, JewishGen, a world renowned
Jewish Genealogy website, will become a division of the Museum of Jewish
Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York City. The
Boards of the Museum and JewishGen approved the plan in December.

An Internet pioneer, JewishGen was founded in 1987 by Susan E. King and
has grown >from a bulletin board with only 150 users to a major grass
roots effort bringing together hundreds of thousands of individuals
worldwide in a virtual community centered on discovering Jewish
ancestral roots and history. On JewishGen, researchers share
genealogical information, techniques, and case studies. With a growing
database of more than seven million records, including some material
from previous centuries, the website is a forum for the exchange of
information about Jewish life and family history and has enabled
thousands of families to connect and re-connect in a way never before

"For many Jews, knowledge of their family history perished in the
Holocaust; JewishGen fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle," said
Dr. David G. Marwell, Museum Director. "Our Museum allows visitors to
identify with the themes of 20th century Jewish history and has helped
our public to identify with Holocaust survivors and opened new doors of
understanding. With JewishGen, we will be able to take our message

"Genealogy research is much more than just searching for names, dates
and places," said Susan King, founder of JewishGen. "It is vitally
important that researchers also understand the details of Jewish
heritage and history; the Museum provides context for the lives being
researched. That's what makes this relationship so exciting. Museum of
Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust will also allow us
to professionalize what has been an all-volunteer effort."

Ms. King, who will report to Dr. Marwell, will be the Managing Director
of JewishGen and will remain in Houston where JewishGen is based.

Among JewishGen's features are the Family Tree of the Jewish People
containing data on more than two million people; the Yizkor Book
Project, an ongoing effort to translate memorial books which contain
previously inaccessible information on the fate of Jewish communities
and their inhabitants affected by the Holocaust; and the Holocaust
Global Registry, a central database of and for Holocaust survivors and
their families. The Holocaust Global Registry is already responsible
for re-connecting several families after more than 60 years of

The Museum is located on the waterfront of Lower Manhattan in Battery
Park City. The Museum's core exhibition is organized around three
themes: Jewish Life a Century Ago, The War Against the Jews, and Jewish
Renewal. With more than 2,000 photographs, 800 artifacts, and 24
original documentary films on display, the Museum uses personal stories
and artifacts to present 20th century Jewish history and the Holocaust
in a context of universal truths that speak to people of all ages and
backgrounds. The Museum is in the middle of an 82,000-square-foot
construction project that will contain a theater, classrooms, and
special exhibition space, among other facilities. The East Wing, set to
open in fall 2003, will enhance the Museum's mission of remembrance and

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