Letter/Power of Attorney for Family research in Poland #poland


I have been in contact with a researcher who states, "The Power of Attorney is essential, as in Poland nowadays it is a constitutionally/legally guaranteed to protect one's personal data, thus non-related persons CANNOT obtain any information nor documents pertaining to Principal, unless authorized in prescribed manner."
Further, the researcher specifies that "a LETTER OF ATTORNEY certified by
polish embassy or consulate. In addition your signature must be certified by a Notary Public. The Letter of Attorney should specify that I am authorized to do genealogical research on your behalf. The Letter of Attorney should be issued for (name of researcher, address of researcher)."

Please advise if you have experience with this.

Is this required for all research by a third party in Poland? Is there
suggested wording for a Letter/Power of Attorney for genealogical purposes on the JRI-PL site, or on some other Website? Why do we need to get this
certficate/certification by a Polish embassy or consulate - In addition to
certification by a Notary Public? Is anyone familiar with the location(s) in the Washington, DC area?

Jeff Miller
Brookeville, Maryland

Mlynarz, Brzezinski, Spivak >from Ostroleka
Braslowsky/Fraider/Freider/Geller/ (Kuzmin, Starokonstantinov UKR)
Lan(e)/Yudelowitz/Blankfurt/Vidman/Finkelstein/Cohen (Panevezys LITH,
Capetown SO AFR)
Lan(e)/Kulvianski (Seta LITH)
Rothenberg (Iasi ROM)

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Since details of working with a private researcher as Jeff has described are not within the scope of research covered by JRI-Poland, this will not be the beginning of a thread on this list. Please respond privately.

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