1793 Bohemian Census #austria-czech

Harvey Finberg <hjfinberg@...>

Celia Male provided some additional details about the
publication of the 1793 Census of Bohemia by the
Statni ustredni archive v Praze, which is a work in progress.
Published so far are:
Vol 1 Elbogener, Bunzlauer, Budweiser kreis
Vol 2 Kaurzimer, BIdshover, and Leitmeritzer Kreis
Vol 3 Prachiner, Berouner and Tabor Kreis
Vol 4 Chrudimer, Pilsner, Saatzer and Koniggratzer Kreis

There are 16 Kreis and Prague so the others are still to come!

I'm still hoping someone has details as to price, shipping details and
whether there are alternatives to ordering >from the state archives.

Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA

THIEBEN- Rousinov/Rakovnik, Czech Republic
BONDY - Dolni Mesto/Lipnice, Vienna
FLUSS - Pribsylav & Polna, Czech Republic
ABELES - Luchovice, Czech Republic
ROUBITCHEK - Stasov?, Czech Republic

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