Need translation of /peh-shin-yod-tet-yod-kof/ #poland

Ronald D. Doctor <rondoctor@...>

In translating one of the Kremenets Yizkor Books, we have encountered
the word /pe-shin-yod-tet-yod-kuf/. It appears in the following context,
in a passage describing Polish rule in the inter-war years:

During the 1930s, the ruling party “Sanatsya” also started its
corrupt policy, based on threats and oppression, in Kremenets. The
government authorities started to intervene in the life of the
Jewish community, supporting aggresive public workers of their
choice and creating dissent among the Jewish population. All those
who opposed this policy were doomed to persecution; loss of their
livelihood, etc. With political oppression came economic oppression.
The Jews collapsed under the weight of taxes, the sources of their
livelihood were closed to them. The young men, forced to idleness,
were in decline. Under the influence of the authorities an
atmosphere of “Pashitik” penetrated our area. The life of a Jew,
walking alone at night in a street far >from center of town, was not
safe anymore; a worry that Kremenets’ Jews did not have for many

It doesn't appear to be a Hebrew or Yiddish word ... perhaps Russian or
Polish written in the Hebrew alphabet?

We would appreciate your help in translating this.

Ron Doctor
Co-Coordinator, Kremenets Yizkor Book Translation Project

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