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Israel Pickholtz brings up a few points about the vital records from
eastern Galician towns that can be ordered >from the AGAD Archives
in Warsaw via the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland order
processing system.

Point one is the appearance of the mother's parents names on the
birth record of her children. To summarize the answer: there is
NO rule - there is little consistency in the recording of births
in Galician records.

Before 1877, when Jewish vital record keeping was standardized,
the recording of the mother's ancestral information was not
consistent. In some cases, the father's given name only was
recorded. In some cases, the father's surname and given name were
recorded. In a few cases, the mother's given name was also
recorded. I do not recall ever seeing the mother's mother's
maiden name. The practice varied not only by town, but by
Registrar. If the Registrar changed, the recording of names on
the birth records may have also changed.

In 1877, the data required on the forms to record Jewish births
was standardized. This included the given names, surnames,
occupation, and place of residence of the mother's parents.
Although this requirement was standard, the implementation was
not consistent as Israel points out. Again, the recording of the
mother's mother's surname varied >from town to town and Registrar
to Registrar.

The second point is what information is included on Lwow/Lviv
birth records. So far, JRI-Poland has indexed only the 1889-1899
birth records for Lwow. In these records, the mother's ancestral
information is usually as Israel describes it -- both the
father's and mother's surnames are recorded. This is very
important for further genealogical research as indexing of the
earlier births, as well as marriages and deaths, are still to be
indexed. In these Lwow records, I have also noticed that the
actual street address in Lwow is recorded as the location of the
birth (usually the house of the parents or a close relative).
This is unique as House Number was recorded for location of birth
in all other eastern Galician towns.

Lwow indexing continues with 1877-1888 births. The indexing of
1814-37, 62-76 births, 1870-99 marriages, and 1864-99 deaths will
hopefully follow. If you are interested in the Lwow indexing,
please contact me privately.

L'Shana Tovah,
Mark Halpern
AGAD Archives Coordinator

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Since the inception of the JRI-Poland project (actually, even
earlier), the Pikholz Project has ordered a large number of AGAD
records, for atleast a dozen towns and cities in East Galicia.
The actual records generally include the names of the mother's
parents - although not in all years is this the case.

In the case of Lwow, however, the records we have ordered have
had an additional piece of information.- the maiden name of the
child's maternal grandmother. For instance, Mendel and Blime
Brandes had five children in Tarnopol and one in Lwow. The
four records we have for Tarnopol list Blime's parents as Peretz
and Perl Pikholz, >from which we cannot deduce for certain whether
Perl or Peretz is the Pikholz. For the child born in Lwow (the
fourth in birth order), Blime's parents are listed as Peretz
Pikholz and Perl Nagler. Needless to say, this can be very important.

We have only a handful of Lwow births, so I cannot say if this
is the rule or if we just got lucky, but I thought I'd bring it
to your attention.At the same time, I'd be curious to know if this information appears in other places in East Galicia.

(In another inslance, the Lwow record shows that the widowed
grandmother lives with the family.)

Wishing you all a good new year and a happy and meaningful Rosh

Israel Pickholtz

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