Monitor Polski - My own Columbus Day! #poland


Dear Fellow Researchers!

I am so carried away that I find it difficult to talk (or write
for that matter). I feel like Christopher must have felt when he
discovered America.

My father in law left Poland in the 1920's, leaving behind a
mother and several brothers. He passed away 25 years ago, taking
with him the names of his brothers. No one in the family knows
their names. In years of genealogica research I have come up with
absolutely nothing.

Today, I looked up the SPALTER name once again and I found what
seems to be a tracing request for one of his brothers - dates,
names of parents and location - they all match! Now I know that
one of his brothers was named Aron.

My questions:

1) How can I find a reprint of this publication?

2) How can I retrieve the tracing request that yielded the
publication? There may be a survivor in the family and we do not
know about him!

I can't stress enough the importance of this new resource. All
vital records for the area in which they lived were destroyed.
Hopefully, judicial records survived.

Lancy Spalter
Kfar Tavor, Israel

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Mazel Tov on your discovery! JRI-Poland is currently working on a finding aid that will list which archive to contact to obtain copies of documents >from particular courts. We are mindful of the importance of these records and hope to have the finding aid available before long.

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