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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Eden Joachim posted as follows:

"Are any of you able to tell me if there is a relationship between the
female given names Miriam and Malke?

I have searched Professor Esterson's Given Names Database and cannot make a

My great great grandmother died in Newark, New Jersey in 1910, and her son
listed her mother's name as Miriam. The records for Rzeszow, Poland, from
whence she came, do not have any entries giving the mother's name as
Miriam, but do have many entries for a mother named Malke."

These two Hebrew given names (Miriam and Malke) are completely independent
of one another. They have different origins.

But having said that, it was sometimes the case that Jewish parents in
European countries chose two names for a child, not only in order to honor
two different dead ancestors, but also because they sounded good
together. I think that is the case for Miryam and Malke -- they both begin with the letter "M" and they do sound good together. But all this says, is that Eden has a low-grade "hunters license" to try to show that the GG grandmother may have had both names and sometimes used one, other times, the other for different purposes.

I would save the information for the different names and continue to search for both of them in archival documents until one is sure one way or the other.

If it turns out that she did have both names, then it means of course that
Eden should also search in the archives for those ancestors for whom the GG grandmother was named.

Professor G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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