given name Database -Yekotiel / Katriel / Chazkel #poland

Orit Lavi <orit@...>

1. My grandfather was registered in Hebrew (Israel) as Yekotiel /

He was born in Osiek, Poland - but there are no records of that name for
the same years.

Yet the name Chazkel does appear.

In the Given Names Database (GND), some of the variations to Chazkel / Yechezkiel looks similar to Yekotiel, Ksyl - but not identical.
Can any of you tell me if that might be the same person?

2. I looked for Katriel in the GND - but could not find it. What would
be the variations of this name?

3. In addition, the name Yekotiel / Ksyl and other variations appearing
in the GND seem rare in the JRI-Poland database. Is there another name I should look for (besides the variations in the GND)?

Many thanks

Orit Lavi

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