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Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Orit Lavi of Israel posted as follows:

"1. My grandfather was registered in Hebrew (Israel) as Yekotiel /

He was born in Osiek, Poland - but there are no records of that name for
the same years.

Yet the name Chazkel does appear.

In the Given Names Database (GND), some of the variations to Chazkel /
Yechezkiel looks similar to Yekotiel, Ksyl - but not identical.
Can any of you tell me if that might be the same person?

2. I looked for Katriel in the GND - but could not find it. What would
be the variations of this name?

3. In addition, the name Yekotiel / Ksyl and other variations appearing
in the GND seem rare in the JRI-Poland database. Is there another name I
should look for (besides the variations in the GND)?"

The Hebrew names listed in the Given Names Data Bases (GNDBs) are presented in accord with the Ashkenazic pronunciation used by our ancestors in Europe. One result was that the Hebrew letter "Tav" had the soft "s" sound. Thus, the names mentioned above would appear there as "Yekusieyl", "Kasrieyl", and "Yechezkeyl"; these are all independent names with no connections between them. The Yiddish names would appear in the GNDBs as "Khatskl" and "Ksiel".

The standards for transliterating >from Hebrew and Yiddish into Latin
characters are described in the GNDBs web site. Not using these
standardized spellings while searching using the GNDBs is not a problem if
one uses the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex option, but they will cause the search names _not_ to be found if you use the Global (plain) Text option (which searches only for the name(s) as you give them). If you are uncertain as to how to spell the names, it is best to begin with the DM Soundex option, and then afterwards sharpen your search using the Global Text option.

Is it possible that your grandfather did have the Hebrew name Yechezkeyl in Poland, and commonly also used the Yiddish nickname Khatskl with the family and in civil records, but that upon immigrating to Israel he formally adopted and was registered as Yekusieyl Kasrieyl (Yekutiel Katriel in Sephardic Hebrew)? Perhaps he had all three Hebrew names in Poland, but actually used only Yechezkeyl in shul, and Khatskl in the family, Jewish community, and in civil record keeping. Do you know if anyone in the family ever called him by the Yiddish name Khatskl after he arrived in Israel?

Good luck in your research.

Professor G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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