Sochaczew Aerial and Still Photographs on Yizkor Book website #poland


The Sochaczew Yizkor Book website hosted by JewishGen has added some
photographs to the site. (Sochaczew is 37 miles due west of Warsaw).
The photographs were obtained >from Records Administration (NARA) cartographic collection of the Defense Intelligence Agency Record 373 of Captured German World War II photographs.

I learned about this phenomenal find at the IAJGS meeting this July. I was
able to obtain aerial photographs for each of my 4 shtetls and for
Sochaczew, NARA had still photographs taken the day the Nazis invaded and
took over the city. One of the stills, was listed as "bombed building" but
when compared to the photograph in the Yizkor Book of the Sochaczew
Synagogue it was thesynagogue that was bombed- both are placed in the YB. building had a unique design so it was "easy" to determine it was the synagogue. In addition, there are several other still photographs taken by the Germans when they captured Sochaczew in September 1939.

Regarding the aerial photograph of Sochaczew, I put arrows of key markers
on one- so there are two aerial photographs- one with the arrows and one
without. The hand-drawn map of Sochaczew (>from the Yizkor Book) already on
the website, was hypertext linked, so you can compare the locations of
buildings etc. The aerial photograph is very clear- some of my other shtetl aerials were not as good! There is a clock (lower right hand corner-with an arrow in the upper right hand corner) the Germans had to indicate the time of day they took the photo in their sortie. I rotated the
photograph so that it would complement the hand-drawn sketch in the Yizkor
Book. You can double click on the photographs to make them larger. The
photograph will move to the left. In the upper left an icon appears which
lets you save, print, e-mail, file. Sometimes it takes a while for the icon on the lower right to appear (a yellow box with arrows) - that is what you click again on to enlarge.

Photographs >from my trip to Poland in July 2001 including Sochaczew and
Treblinka were also added to the website. You can access these photographs
and scrolling down to the end of the photos and Poland trip (July 2001) for the photos of Sochaczew and
Photographs >from Treblinka for those.

For those of you who have an interest in Sochaczew the Yizkor Book is about
70 percent translated.

Jan Meisels Allen
Sochaczew Yizkor Book Translation Coordinator
Sochaczew Town Leader, JRI-PL
Agoura Hills, CA

KLAJNMAN, SZLANG-- Sochaczew, Poland
REICH, WALD,ZUPNIK-- Eperjes, HUNGARY/Presov,SLOVAKIA; Szivdnik; Sebes
Kellemes, HUNGARY(Sarisske Luky, SLOVAKIA) Salgo, HUNGARY

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