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Chuck Weinstein <cweinstein@...>

There is no correlation between Boruch and William, but that does not mean
one way or the other whether you have the same person. When they came to
America, there was a common need to take on a more "American" name.
Although they often chose a similar sounding name (in our family, Baruch
became Benjamin and Moshe became Morris or Maurice) there was no requirement or real tradition. I would keep looking backwards >from the death certificate and see if you can pinpoint his arrival in America.

That will give you a name by which he was probably known in the old country. Good luck in your search.

Chuck Weinstein in Commack, NY

Eden Joachim wrote:

Subject: Given Name Boruch
From: Eden Joachim <>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2003 16:31:22 -0500
X-Message-Number: 1

I have a death certificate for a William JOACHIM, died Brooklyn, New York in 1910. Based on his age at death, 60 years, and his parents' names, I am
able to pinpoint him as a Boruch JACHIMOWITZ found in the Rzeszow, Poland
(Galicia, Austro-Hungarian Empire) births index on-line at JRI-Poland.

Can anyone tell me if William was a name adopted by men born Boruch in that
part of the world, in the time frame involved?

As always, I checked Professor Esterson's given names database and did not
locate the confirmation for which I am looking.

Many thanks to all,
Eden Joachim
Pomona, New York

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