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Robert Fraser <rwfgjf@...>

Hi Dorothy - as one born and raised in Merthyr Tydfil, I'm
interested in your post, even if I can't assist you directly
Many Jews who came to Merthyr, especially during the coal and
iron boom of the mid-19th century , went into business as
pawnbrokers. I'd suggest you post your message to the JCR-UK List and search the information on
their website. If Myer was born in Merthyr (although 1877 sounds
a little early), he may well have been buried there, but I don't
know if the cemetery records are on database anywhere. The
cemetery certainly still exists - I visited it a few years ago,
as my father was one of the last people buried there. He and
another once prepared a plan of the cenetery with all the names
and dates that could be read noted down, but I don't know what
happened to it. You might contact Wendy Bellany (sorry, I don't
have her email, but someone on JCR-UK may know) who has done
research on Merthyr.


Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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Information sought on Myer Goodman, born in Merthyr Tydfil
Glamorgan South Wales around 1877. He was a pawnbroker/jeweller by
occupation, and said to be a brilliant pianist. His Father, Moses Goodman was born in Wlodawa Poland, and was also a pawnbroker.

I am interested in both ancestry and descent. Any help welcome.
Please contact me: Dorothy Mitchell

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