Herschdorfer f. Schulberg #poland

Tova Jaffe <tovaj@...>

A friend was looking at his paternal grandfather's Polish passport or visa
or whatever over the weekend, and in many places for his name it listed
"HERSCHDORFER" either with SCHULBERG or in some places just by itself. It said things like "Feivel Herschdorfer f. Schulberg" (I think it was an
"f" but who knows.) Any idea what that means? He copied down the word on the line with it ("Nazwisko" or something like that) and looked it up in a
little Polish dictionary, but it just means "name".

Do you know whether the mother's maiden name was used that way? No one else in that family got out of Europe, so his father doesn't even know whether that was perhaps his grandmother's maiden name.

Thank you for any help.

Tova Jaffe
Washington DC

YACHEL - Sirvintos (Lithuania); SCHLOSSBERG - Vilnius (Lithuania); ALBERT,
LAVINE, PUPKO - Lida (Belarus); FRENKEL - Warszawa (Poland); ZIPPERSTEIN,
STEINBERG - Kowal (Poland); SEEGAL - Poznan (Poland); SERCHUK -
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