How to display family trees on the Web #poland

Meira Puterman <meira@...>

I would like to put my family tree on the Web, together with photos and
information about the people and places they came from. I have the
family tree in GEDCOM format but currently do not have any family tree
programme (I used to use Ultimate Family Tree 2.0 but I see the package
no longer exists). I am proficient in HTML so I don't mind making the
website myself.

However, if there are programmes out there that make the job very easy,
I am willing to buy it, provided I can see some examples of websites
built using it.

If anyone can suggest a programme, or send me a list of good family tree
websites to use as an example or starting base, or just want to share
tips for building such a website, I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much.
Meira Puterman

Researching: PUTERMAN, ROSENCWEIG (however it's spelt), WARSZAWSKI,

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