Two town names that cause confusion - Stanislawow and Minsk Mazowiecki #poland

Susan Stone <stonegs@...>

As the Archive Coordinator for the Siedlce Poland Archives, I receive many
e-mails >from researchers inquiring about information for their towns.
Sometimes researchers assume their ancestors lived in a town located in
Siedlce Gubernia, when in fact their families came >from a similarly named
town in another part of Europe.

Two examples come to mind. Stanislawow in Siedlce Gubernia is 12 km north
of Minsk Mazowiecki and 41 km east of Warsaw. Another town, formerly named
Stanislawow, is located in the former Galicia province of Poland and is now
called Ivano Frankovsk (in Ukraine). Jewish Records Indexing-Poland has
indexed records >from both these towns. "Where Once We Walked" contains
entries for 9 additional towns and villages named Stanislawow.

Another town name that generates confusion is Minsk Mazowiecki. Some
researchers assume that this town, located 40 km east of Warsaw, is their
ancestral home. In the majority of cases, their families originated from
Minsk (located in Belarus), hundreds of miles to the east of Minsk

There are a number of resources available to help you identify the correct
town where your ancestors lived. A good place to start is with Warren
Blatt's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of JewishGen, #11 FINDING YOUR
section points the way to many sources of information.

After you have identified the correct town, be sure to list this town on the JewishGen Family Finder so that you and other researchers can share

Susan Stone
New York, N.Y.
Siedlce Archive Coordinator

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