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Elizabeth Jackson

Hello JRI-PL readers!

I have also posted this message to the Warsaw SIG

I have a copy of a certificate my mother received from
a school in Warsaw back in 1937. I believe the
following is the name of the school:

Prywatne Zenskie (accent marks over Z and N) Kursy
Kroju I Szycia E. Wisniewskiego w Warszawie

Is this the name of the school? Is anyone familiar
with this school? The certificate basically indicates
that my mother, Pessa Ingberg, attended there >from 10
October 1936. The certificate then reads "ukonczyla
kurs trzy miesieczny" which I believe means for three
months. She was studying ladies fashion design and
model/pattern design. The actual Polish reads:

w kioju ubian damskich/ 8 godz./dobize
w modelowanin/ 8 godz./ dobize

If anyone can translate this better for me or is
familiar with the school or where I might find
information on it or photos, I would be most
appreciative for the information. The certificate
does have a photo of my mother attached, the only we
have of her at this age!

It is interesting that the certificate contains a line
"wyznania" where the blank line is filled in
"mojzeszowego" which I understand to mean "Jewish".
The certificate is dated 14 January 1937. Under the
signature at the bottom is written "Mistrz Paryskiej

Any information anyone can provide regarding this
school or where I might find more information on it
will be most appreciated.

Please respond privately to: cattheater@yahoo.com

Thank you kindly!
Elizabeth Jackson
Tennessee, USA


MODERATOR'S NOTE: Perhaps Elizabeth is successful in finding
information about the school as a result of suggestions from
other readers of this list, she will share a summary of the
research suggestions with the list afterwards.

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