Translation of Old Yiddish Letters #poland

Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

Dear All~
I have several letters written in Yiddish between my ggg grandfather (in
Poland) and gg grandfather (here in America) that I am most anxious to have
translated. The letters are about 100 years old and as I understand it
written in a rather formal/learned Yiddish. I am anxious to learn not only
names; dates; places and other vital information, but also about their
personal lives.

The letters can be found at:
in the To View section - as files - VM3445; VM3446; VM3447
Please respond privately.

Any help with translations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Linda Silverman Shefler
Cary, NC

Also researching:
ROSENBLATT/ROZENBLAT: Bedzin; Lublin; Sosnowicz; Czestochowa; Pittsburgh,
PA; Providence, RI; New York, NY
SILVERMAN: Letichev; Zincoff; Providence, RI
PLOTKER/PLOTKA: Zincoff; Letichev
SNOPARSKY: Pavilich; Fastov; Kiev; Providence, RI
GORDON: Yelisavetgrod; Kherson; Providence, RI
NULMAN: Pavilich; Fastov; Kiev; Fall River, MA; Providence, RI; New York, NY
SHERMAN: Fastov?
HOROWITZ: Kherson; Yelisavetgrod
MARX: Frankfurt-Am-Main; Cleveland, OH; Providence, RI
FERTEL/VIERTEL: Galicia; Cleveland, OH

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