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The Polish State Archive matching fund campaign by JRI-Poland spurred our
town leaders in the Pinczow archive project to finish funding 4 towns.

We have 9 towns in the Pinczow archive project: Busko Zdroj, Chmielnik,
Dzialoszyce, Nowy Korczyn, Pacanow, Pinczow, Stopnica, Szydlow and

Previously, town leaders and donors had funded Busko Zdroj, Stopnica and
Wislica. Many thanks to these town leaders and donors.

Under the JRI-Poland campaign, town leaders were able to fully fund 4
more towns: Dzialoszyce, Pacanow, Pinczow and Szydlow. Many thanks to
the town leaders who worked so hard and the donors who gave generously.

Soon the data >from these newly funded towns will be live on the
JRI-Poland database.

If you would like to help the two remaining towns in the Pinczow archive
project, please contact:

For Chmielnik: Warren Blatt (wblatt@jewishgen.org)

For Nowy Korczyn: Shabsa Lis (shabsa@megsinet.net)

I also would like to thank JRI-Poland for making this possible,
especially Stanley Diamond, Hadassah Lipsius, Sheila Salo and the
database manager and webmaster. As well, thanks go to the team in the
Pinczow archives that did the transcriptions and created the indices.

Susan Javinsky
Pinczow Archive coordinator

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