Help in Interpreting Your Galician Vital Records #poland

Mark Halpern

JRI-Poland has created an aid to help you understand and
interpret the Galician Jewish vital records that you obtain from
the Archives in Warsaw (AGAD), Przemysl, Rzeszow, Lviv, and other
repositories of Galician records. You will be able to view and
print images of the headings of representative birth, marriage,
and death records along with translations of these headings.

from the JRI-Poland homepage at, click
on "Tips/Other Links" under "Learn." Then click on "A Guide to
Headings of 19th Century Galician Jewish Vital Record Forms

from the AGAD Archives Project webpage at, scroll down to
"Interpreting Your Galician Vital Records" and click the
hyperlink in the second paragraph.

This aid to interpreting your Galician vital records is in PDF
format, which requires that you have Adobe Acrobat reader, which
can be downloaded for free at

Before 1877, Jewish record keeping was not standardized and the
records did not have an abundance of information, some just the
barest information. Not all records used the same form or
recorded the same information. In 1877, the forms used to record
Jewish vital events was standardized. These data fields were
included on every form used for Jewish registrations >from 1877 up
to World War II. The data fields were always the same, but the
filling in of the forms by the local Jewish registrar was not
always consistent.

I think this will be helpful to those who have acquired or will
be acquiring Galician vital records >from the Polish State
Archives using the JRI-Poland Shopping Basket Order System.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

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