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Before I saw the Budanow Excel file >from JRI-Poland a few hours ago,
I knew of two brothers and a sister in the US, children of Szama Pikholz
and Minnie/Miriam Fried, born in Budanow in the 1890's. One brother lived
in Erie PA and the other two - and Minnie - lived in Newark NJ. I have not
located any descendants, though there were/are at least two.

Minnie's parents were Majer FRIED and Pescha FELLNER.

The Budanow Excel file had the births for these three children and seven
others, with deaths for two of the seven. The death index ends well before
the birth index, so some of the other five may have died in childhood - but
maybe not, which is why I am writing.

I have no knowledge of the other children as Pikholz. Perhaps they went by
FRIED, but the FRIED family itself was not >from Budanow and Fried is a very
common name. It is the FELLNERs who are >from Budanow.

So if there is anyone out there with a FRIED-FELLNER family, I'd like to hear
from you. Maybe you know something I need. The Budanow Fellners in JGFF do
not have any information for me.

(The Budanow Excel file has nothing definitive and only one small clue regarding
the ancestry of Szama Pikholz.)

Israel Pickholtz

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