Zaleshchiki records from the State Archive of Ternopol Oblast #poland


Hello All,

Today I looked at Miriam Weiner's website ( )
and searchedfor records for the town of Zaleshchiki, (Galicia, then Poland,
now Ukraine, 48°38´ 25°44).

The website describes the records as follows:

-1924-1937 Kehal/Jewish Com

-1927-1928 School Records

-1871-1879; 1882-1902; 1939 Notary Records
-1937 Local Government

and indicates that they are all located at the "State Archive of Ternopol

Does anyone know how I might access these records?

Would indexing of these records qualify for inclusion in any existing
projects, formal or informal?

All the best,
Moshe Steinberg,(Uchanie Town Leader, Zamosc Archives Project & Uchanie
Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator)
Vancouver, Canada

SANG, NAGLER, FISCHER (FISZER), HELMAN Zaleshchiki, Borszczow:
(Galicia, then Poland, now Ukraine), New York City, Israel
WAGNER, ADLER, EDER Jezierzany, Grabowce, Pilatkowce, Czarnokonce
and Losiacz: (Galicia, then Poland, now Ukraine)
STEINBERG, GLAZER, HUDES Hrubieszow, Lublin, Uchanie (Poland),
Montreal, California, Iowa
GOLDSCMIDT, SANDLER Czernowitz, Israel

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