Russian Translation Help Needed VM 4490 #poland

Connie Fisher Newhan

I have posted a birth certificate that may belong to my grandfather. Any help you can give with translations of names and dates would be gratefully appreciated. The file can be found at:

in the To View section as file VM4490

Please respond directly to me at

Thank you and best regards,

Connie Fisher Newhan (#1272)
Yorba Linda, California
FISHER/FISCHER/FISZER, FISZEL (Warszawa& Bedzin, Poland), GERSTEN (Obertyn, Galacia) BARSKA/BARSKY/BARSKIY(Odessa), GOLDBERG (Sokolka?), FELDMAN (Kovno), KAHN/KOHN/COHN/CAHN, FRIEDSAM (Coln? Germany, Pittsburgh, PA), NEWHAN/NEUHAN/NEUHAHN (Hesse Cassel, Meimbressen, Germany, Baltimore, MD), BOHORODCZANER (Potok Zloty, Ukraine), ANTZEL, S(Z)PRINGER, ROTHSTEIN, HAMBURGER(Bedzin, Lagiza, Zarki, Poland), LEVINE, BLUM, ROTH, ROCKOVITZ, ABRAMS, RABINOWITZ

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