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Mark Halpern

A list of causes of death has been provided by the good folks who
coordinate the Warsaw Ghetto Death Card Project, a joint project
of JRI-Poland, the Jewish Historical Institute, and the JGS of
New York. You can find this list at or from by
clicking on the link in the sixth paragraph.

There is also a list at

The "Search this Website" facility on the JewishGen homepage
enables researchers to also search the independent JRI-Poland
website, which is hosted by JewishGen. Using this facility will
find both of these lists.

Mark Halpern

----- Original Message -----
Do any of us have a list of the names of illnesses (and
translations) listed as causes of death in the late 19th
century records in
Poland - specifically the Jagielnice, Czortkov areas? Some of
the names are
difficult to decipher, so I am hoping that by looking at a
list, I will be
able to match them. I know that there were several epidemics
(i.e. typhus,
and that word is legible on many records).

Sonya Hammer, Yonkers, NY

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