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If it is said that it is a trait of Rabbinical scholarship to answer a
question with a question, then Genealogy is a very Rabbinically oriented
Thanks to Richard Gaskell I have a new set of questions raised by his kind
research. (Thanks also to many others who answered on line and privately -
this is a great source of support for researchers). In Vienna there was a
Johanna Podvinetz but she was born in Lugos in the 1860's and it is her
married name. She came to Vienna after the death of her husband in 1904
after 20 years of marriage.
There are no Podwinetz children born in Vienna at that time, according to
the records of the Kultusgemeinde.
So Johanna must be a wife. So I have written to Heidrun Weiss at the
Kultusgemeinde (what a helpful resource she is!) asking for names of
Johannas born on that date. Perhaps there is a notation.
I am also writing the Evangelischer Oberkirchenrat to see if they have a
record of a marriage as Franz Hans called himself Evangelikus on his
Thanks also to all those who responded on the question regarding Holice. It
is apparently a place with registers in the Archives in Prague but not on
the Gundacker list.
Peter Bakos

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