Translation of Polish records in Russian please! #poland

Ingrid Rockberger <ingridr@...>

I have received >from Poland 2 birth records in Russian >from 1871 and 1880 -
of my husband's family - Rochverger. One is almost definitely the record of
his grandfather, the other probably a cousin - as both have the same 'given
names' - a tradition of the family. I would appreciate a translation of
these records, which can be viewed at the following Viewmate addresses (Nos.
4736 and 4738).

Please reply to me privately.

With many thanks in advance and shana tova, gmar chatima tova to all
researchers around the world

Ingrid Rockberger
Raanana, Israel.

ROCHVERGER, Lowicz, Poland
KONIARSKI, Zloczew, Poland
LAZEROVITCH, Lutotow, Poland

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