Submitter of PoT Moshe RAZON for URISOHN nieces #poland


Hi All-
I am searching for Moshe RAZON, or his family, who submitted 2 Pages
of Testimony for sisters Peshka/Pasha and Sofia/Sonia URISOHN in 1957.
Their father's name was not listed. Peshka was listed as single, and
her sister was a Dentist, also single. No ages were given.

They were born and lived in Vilkaviskis. My great grandfather Uriah
URISOHN/URYNSON came >from Vilkaviskis.

It is perhaps only a coincidence, but their Mother's name was Hinda,
and my grandmother's name was Hinda URYNSON.

I would appreciate any help you can offer and I thank you in advance.

Linda Thorpe Caciola
Venice, CA (Los Angeles)

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