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You first need to know that the house number recorded in a
birth record
is the actual place of birth. This could be the house of a
relative, the
house of the midwife, a hospital or a clinic.
I'm working under the assumption that Zurow, Galicia was a very
small Shtetl. Would there have been a hospital or clinic in a
Shtetl that small? You're right that it could be the house of a
relative or midwife, but I thought that midwives would attend at
the house of the expectant mother. Perhaps the custom there and
at that time was otherwise?

I think that many house numbers included multiple units
in that building.
These records are >from the late 1800s. Would there have been
apartment buildings in a small shtetl in that time period?

Hazel Sandow Boon
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Researching: HABER - Zurów, Galicia (now Zhuriv, Ukraine), NYC;
STARK - Bóbrka, Galicia (now Ukraine), NYC;
SADOVSKI/SADOWSKY - Belchatów & Lodz, Poland, NYC;

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