FIUL family in Vienna #poland

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Lynn Bayer writes about her FIUL family which she has
just discovered sojourned in Vienna.

I am not researching this family but as an active
member of the Austria-Czech SIG I would like to
highlight the many resources we have at our disposal
especially the enormous cemetery database [more than
153,000 burials]:

Here are the FIULS buried in Vienna Zentralfriedhof
[ZF] Gates I and IV:

Isak 52 yrs died 27.10.1924 ZF IV. 6 3 11
Regina 60 yrs died 14.07.1932 ZF IV. 6 3 11

Salomon 76 yrs died 12.01.1920 ZF IV. 5 12 22

Grete 5 yrs died 03.11.1913 ZF I. 19 31 38A
Henne 48 yrs died 08.12.1903 ZF I. 7 5 21A

from my limited research on this topic, I conclude
that it appears very unlikely that there were any
FIULs remaining in Vienna at the outbreak of WW2. If
there were, they had assets which were minimal and
they did not have to declare them.

They are also not listed in a 1933 telephone directory
of Vienna.

By following through the death/cemetery data you
should be able to get much more information about this

This is given as a "case study" and applies equally to
any family in Vienna. If you have family >from Vienna,
I urge you to research them through the Austria-Czech

Celia Male [UK]

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