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dayna reader <zoeys_mom@...>

hi all,

please take a look at 2 pictures i posted at view mate
at jewish gen.

this one is a wedding photo, c. 1905 taken in or
around Sejny, Poland. I'm told the family name was
KOWINOWSKI, but this may be wrong. i do know they
owned tanneries and leather factories. is there anyone
there that looks familiar to you? is the name
KOWINOWSKI familiar? i'd be happy to email anyone a
larger version of the photo.

the 2nd picture
is of my great uncle Nasanel KOWALSKI, also >from Sejny
(he became sam kwall in pittsburgh, PA, USA and was a
tailor) he is the one standing. i'm trying to identify
the man who is sitting. he was a WWI soldier, and the
photo was taken around 1918 probably in pittsburgh. to
me, they look like a gay couple (because of how
tenderly they are touching, mostly), which is entirely
possible as my great uncle died a bachelor late in
life. if this man was special to my great uncle (or
even if he was just a friend) i'd love to know his

thanks for looking!

dayna chalif
san franicsco, CA. USA

**please reply privately**

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