ViewMate Files Ostrowo Census Records 1836 #poland

Geoff Kaiser <geoff_kaiser@...>

Fellow researchers

I have loaded 4 viewmate files VM5953, 5954, 5955 and 5956 that are records
from the 1836 Ostrowo census.
Can some please translate the content of the files particulalry relating to
entries Rosenbaum (5955)and the associated right hand page (5956) of the
record, and Keiser ?? Kaiser (5953) and the associated RH page (5954)

I seem to be unable to insert the links to take you directly to the viewmate
files, my apologies for this and I hope that people can still find these
with out too much difficulty

Many thanks

Geoff Kaiser

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The ViewMate program may be found by going to: and then clicking on "To View"

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