Re: Bialystock Yizkor Book on auction site #poland

Mark Halpern

The Bialystoker Memorial Book published in 1982 by the Bialystoker
Center in New York is available directly >from the Center at a price
significantly lower than the auction site price.

Call the Bialystoker Center at 212-475-7755 to inquire.

Mark Halpern
Bialystok Archive Coordinator
BIALYGen Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
hi all,

DISCLAIMER: i do not know the person selling this
book, nor do i have any stake in it's sale. i simply
thought someone here might be interested in this item.

i was looking around a well known auction site and came across
a yizkor book >from Bialystock that looks like it is in
very nice condition. you can see it here
if you are interested (it's already at $125...which i
wish i could afford, but i can't) maybe someone here
might like to acquire it.

dayna chalif
san francisco, USA

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