Re: Naming a son after a brother in Galicia? #poland

Perets Mett <p.mett@...>

Giving your son the same name as your brother is not the same as naming
him after your brother.

For example, they may both have been named for a common ancestor Mozes.
There is nothing strange in this.

To illustrate this, I have both a son and two grandsons named Yaakov.
They were all named for my late father. the grandsons share the name
with their uncle, but they were not named after him.

Perets Mett

On 1 May 2005, at 05:43, Leslie Weinberg wrote:

What I do not understand
is that his given name is Mozes, but my grandfather and his sister ,
Hene (Moses' mother) also had a brother named Mozes, and I know for a
fact he not only lived through the War, but came to the U.S., landing
in upstate NY (Oneonta? Oswego?) after having been released >from a
Camp in Italy. I have yet to hear, at least in my family, of a child
who was named after a living relative, let alone a brother.

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