MAHLER and MOCKIN born Pieszczaniki, Poland (near Bialystok) #poland

Mark Halpern

My grandmother, Chana GERSZOWICZ, was born in Pieszczaniki (coordinates
5308, 2334; 17 miles east of Bialystok) in 1884. Apparently her family
was living there at the time due to her father managing or working at a
textile plant near this town.

I have been searching for information about this town and its Jewish
residents for nearly 10 years and have not found anything until now.

Recently, I was using the Yad Vashem Central Database of Shoah Victim's
Names and, on a whim, searched for "Location = Pieszczaniki."
Unbelievably, two Shoah Victim names appeared. If anyone knows of either
of these people or any ideas for further research, please contact me

1. Dawid Berisch MAHLER, born 28 December 1886 in Pieszczaniki. Died 03
September 1943 in Auschwitz. Source of data was "In Memoriam -
Nedelandse Oorlogsgravenstichting (Dutch War Victims Authority)

2. Malka MOCKIN/MOTZKIN, born 1897 in Pieszczaniki, wife of Avraham,
living in Michalowo before the War. Died in Bialystok in 1942. Source of
data was Page of Testimony submitted by AREZ, sister-in-law on 26 March

Thanks for your help,

Mark Halpern

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