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Billie Stein <billie@...>

An uncle and a nephew having the same name is not uncommon. In
my immediate family, also of Galician origin, we have 4 such
instances. In one case, my uncle was named after his father's
brother who died before my uncle was born. In the other 3 cases,
my father and two of his brothers were named for deceased
relatives, but the nephews bearing the same names were either
named for the same deceased relatives or others, also no longer
among the living, who by chance had the same names as their
living uncles.

Billie Stein
Givatayim ISRAEL
Researching >from Belarus: DINNIN (Mogilev), PLOTKIN
(Bobruisk/Mogilev), RUBENSTEIN (Bobruisk)
from Galicia : LAMM, GLANTZ (Sieniawa) STEIN, JAKOB (Tarnow/Nowe
from Ukraine: HOFFMAN (Yashin)


Subject: Naming a son after a brother in Galicia?
From: Leslie Weinberg <>
Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 00:43:14 -0400
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I just received the information on my grandfather's nephew's
for the first time. Thanks to Eden Joachim and JRI-Poland, I now
have the name of someone we know lived through the War, in
but has not been seen or heard >from since. What I do not
is that his given name is Mozes, but my grandfather and his
sister ,
Hene (Moses' mother) also had a brother named Mozes, and I know
for a
fact he not only lived through the War, but came to the U.S.,
in upstate NY (Oneonta? Oswego?) after having been released from
Camp in Italy. I have yet to hear, at least in my family, of a
who was named after a living relative, let alone a brother.
Eisen is indeed Mozes Eisen, because I have a copy of his birth
certificate, so there is no possibility that he "adopted" the
when he came here.

Does anyone know why this might have occurred?

Leslie Weinberg

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