Searching Mozes Blumenberg from Tyczyn #poland

Leslie Weinberg <lbw50@...>

Mozes Blumenberg was born in Tyczyn, Poland in February of 1920. By
the late 30s, he had gotten to Israel, where he remained until at
least 1945. We do not know if he stayed there or left >from Russia,
or where he might have eventually settled. He is my grandfather's
nephew, and we are trying to find him. Despite the fact that he was
located, he never answered my grandfather's letter nor did he ever
send him a letter. He had at least two siblings, Rachela, born 1923,
and Zofia born 1925. There may have been other siblings, as well.
His parents were Hene (Eisen) Blumenberg and Jonas Blumenberg, both
born in 1890. He had an Uncle Mozes who was one of the over nine
hundred passengers who were taken >from Italy to Oswego NY in 1944.
He had a half aunt Ruchel in Paris and a half-uncle who lived in
Nagyvarad, Hungary (Oradea, Romania) whose name is unknown. His
grandparents were Schewa and Chaim Iram.

If anyone has any information on this man or family, please email
me privately.

Leslie Weinberg

Searching Iram, Gran, Eisen, Blumenberg, Tyczyn, Przybyszowka
(Poland) and Nagyvarad (Oradea, Romania)
November, Reiss, Nagyvarad (Oradea, Romania)
Szegal, Nagyvarad (Oradea, Romania)
Danskoy, Nehzin, Ukraine

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