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Jacob D. Goldstein <jake@...>

On 2005.04.27, I wrote:

In an 1827 marriage record >from Siennica, both the groom's family
and the bride's family are described as earning a living from
"Paktu Krow." [...] Does anyone know what "Paktu Krow" might
I want to thank Judy Baston, Jurek Hirschberg, and Tzilla Kratter
who responded privately to my query. No one knew exactly what
"Paktu Krow" meant but they all guessed that both families were in
the business of renting cows. I suppose that if you lived in a town,
you could find milk to purchase, but if you lived in a rural area, a
few kilometers away >from the nearest town, you had the option of
renting a cow if you couldn't afford to purchase one or if you had
to wait some time to obtain your own.

I also want to thank those who thought I may have misread the
document and asked me to send it to them. I ended up placing the
relevant portion on Viewmate < see

If you have any bright ideas, please write to me.

Jake Goldstein
Boston, USA

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