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Shelley K. Pollero

Dear All,

For those interested in Zamosc, Lublin, Russia (now Poland), our Zamosc
Shtet-Coop has been working on indexing the pre 1850 records for several
years. Our volunteer data enterers have completed the 1826-1865 indexes and
I have already mostly indexed the pre 1826 Jewish records. They too will
eventually be placed on the JRI-Poland web site and appear in the All Poland

In the meantime, if you send me the surnames you are researching in Zamosc,
I'll let you know what we have for those names.

In the Mormon Family History Library microfilms, the pre 1826 Jewish records
are included (but not listed separately) in the civil transcripts of Roman
Catholic parish register of births, marriages and deaths for Zamosc
(Zamosc), Lublin, Poland. Volumes individually indexed. Text in Polish.

The years 1812-1825 are indexed, but I had to extract the Jewish names from
the indexes on microfilm. There are no indexes for 1810 and 1811, so I made
lists >from the microfilms. I still have questions about whether certain
names were Jewish (sometimes can't tell >from the indexes) and have not yet
returned to the FHL to look at the records. I think I looked at pre 1810
Zamosc Jewish records, but I recall seeing no Jewish names. I did this
several years ago.

It is interesting to note that, although there are BMD records/indexes for
Zamosc 1813, there are NO Jewish BMD included in them. There are about 600
deaths for both Jews and Roman Catholics in the 1812 death index. However,
in the 1813 death index, there are 1406 Roman Catholics and 0 Jewish names.
In 1812, there are 296 Roman Catholic and Jewish births; in 1813, there are
only 49 RC and 0 Jewish births listed. 1813 must have been a difficult year
in Zamosc.

Note: the year listed is the year that the BMD event was registered;
the actual BMD may have occurred in earlier years.

Here is what is available at the Mormon Family History Library Catalog for
Zamosc, Zamosc, Lublin. .

Pre 1826: civil transcripts of Roman Catholic parish register of births,
marriages and deaths for Zamosc (Zamosc), Lublin, Poland. Volumes
individually indexed. Text in Polish.

Akta urodzen [Births] 1810-1812, 1814-1820 VAULT INTL Film 771639

Akta urodzen [Births] 1821-1825 Akta malzenstw 1810-1812, 1814-1816
FHL INTL Film 771640

Akta malzenstw [Marriages] 1817-1825 FHL INTL Film 771641

Akta zgonow [Deaths] 1810-1812, 1814-1822 FHL INTL Film 771642

Akta zgonow [Deaths] 1823-1825 Akta urodzen, malzenstw, zgonow 1813
1826-1829 [probably only RC for 1826-1829] FHL INTL Film 771643

Jewish Metrical Records Matrykula, 1826-1890
Civil registration of Jewish births, marriages and deaths for Zamosc
(Zamosc), Lublin, Poland. Volumes individually indexed. Text in Polish
Prior to 1868, then in Russian.

Akta urodzen [Births] 1832-1843 FHL INTL Film 771650 Items 3-5

Akta urodzen [Births] 1843-1851 Akta malzenstw [Marriages] 1832-1855
Akta zgonow [Deaths] 1841-1852 FHL INTL Film 771651

Akta zgonow [Deaths] 1852-1865 Akta malzenstw [Marriages] 1856-1864 Akta
urodzen, malzenstw, zgonow [BMD] 1826-1830 FHL INTL Film 755697

Akta urodzen [Births] 1871-1877 Akta malzenstw [Marriages] 1871-1878
Akta zgonow [Deaths] 1876-1881 Akta urodzen {births] 1866-1870 Akta
Malzenstw [Marriages] 1865-1870 FHL INTL Film 1874576 Items 11-15

Akta urodzen [Births] 1878-1888 Akta malzenstw [Marriages] 1879-1888
Akta zgonow [Deaths] 1882-1887 Akta urodzen [Births] 1888-1890 FHL INTL
Film 1874577 Items 1-5 [This film has been indexed; part of it is on

The records are in Polish. Once you get the AKT (record) number >from the
index, you can go to the year, find the AKT and photocopy it >from the
microfilm. The index is located after the AKTs, at the end of each year. If
you don't have anyone to help translate, you can post it on JewishGen's
ViewMate, or contact me. I may have time to help.

Good luck in your research.

Shelley K. Pollero
Zamosc Town Leader, Zamosc Archives Project (JRI-Poland)
Zamosc Shtetl Co-op Coordinator (JRI-Poland)
Severna Park, Maryland

Hadassah Lipsius wrote in part:

JRI-Poland launched the Shtetl CO-OP Project in 1997. A Shtetl CO-OP
consists of groups of volunteers with a common interest in an ancestral
town. Under the leadership of a project coordinator, each JRI- Poland
Shtetl CO-OP team's is to index all of the available Jewish Records from
the LDS microfilms for that Town. Although it varies >from town to town,
this generally covers the years 1826-mid 1880's. Today there are more
than 195 Shtetl CO-OPs and over 114 towns have been completely indexed.
Over 800 LDS microfilms have been totally completed and live on the
JRI-Poland database and much more is in progress or awaiting to be loaded
on to the database.

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