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Jurek Hirschberg <jurek@...>

What you say is correct as applied to Russian patronymics.
Stromwasserowna in your example is, however, a Polish surname rather
than a Russian patronymic. Poles do not use patronymics. An unmarried
woman may attach "owna" to her maiden name. In some cases she would
use "anka" rather than "owna". In similar way a married woman would attach
"owa" to her husband's surname. These forms are used less often


Jurek Hirschberg

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[jri-pl] Stromwasserowna

I'm engaged in one-surname-research on the surname STROMWASSER
(sometimes SZTROMWASSER). I recently came across a woman whose name
is given as Eliza STROMWASSEROWNA. She was >from Zbarazh in eastern
Galicia and was studying in Krakow.

I have never come across this particular variant before, and Google does
not provide any instances of this name anywhere on the web. However, my
knowledge of Russian suffixes is not good. I had thought that the
"owna" or "ovna" suffix was typically applied to a woman's middle name
and was the form of patronymic used by women (as opposed to "ovitz" or
"ovitch" which was used by men). However, if this is correct, such
suffixes in my experience are only applied to the person's father's
given name, not their surname.

Does anyone know how I should interpret a surname of STROMWASSEROWNA?

Thanks for any and all help!

Robert Strumwasser
Sharon, MA, USA

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