Re: Naming a newborn after a sibling who died earlier #galicia


Our Stark family came >from Stanislau, and we have a death record for a
first born child and son, Selig, who was 8 years old, when he died on 20
February, 1884. Later, the 8th child and 5th son, born 1 January, 1893,
to Wolf Stark and Henzie Fitzig, was also named Selig. This is the only
case that I know of in this family.

However, both children were probably named for their maternal grandfather,
Selig Fitzig. The second Selig (later Sidney) survived to adulthood,
immigrated to the United States in 1907, settled in Pittsburgh, and was
my wife, Julie's, grandfather.

Michael B. Griffith
Loveland, Ohio

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