JewishGen's Success! Stories #bessarabia

Phyllis Kramer

Old letters and photographs play an important role in the latest issue
of JewishGen's Success! Stories. These stories take us to Argentina,
Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands. You can access these
stories >from the "About Us" button on our website or by following this

Suzanne Reisman finds two old photos of an unknown baby after her
grandmother passes away. Silvia Rodriguez translates letters >from the
late 1930s for her friend Leda Altura -- letters written in German,
containing desperate pleas for help in emigrating >from Vienna to
Argentina. Peter Vanlaw inherits old letters and photos >from his
mother, giving him the urge to find out more about his Rehfisch
family, and to identify all the nameless faces that appeared in those

This issue was prepared by JewishGen volunteers -- Nancy Siegel, Editor
and Anna Blanchard, Webmaster. Anna has volunteered her time and
talents as the Success! Stories Webmaster for the past four years. She
has created beautiful layouts of the inspiring stories you send us.
Anna is now stepping down to pursue other ventures. We will miss her
greatly, but we send her off with our gratitude and best wishes.

We hope that you, too, will have success in your research using the
abundant resources of JewishGen and we encourage you to submit your
own success stories to us at

Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG, Florida
VP, Education & Special Projects, JewishGen, Inc.

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