Reunion of First Cousins After 67 Years #poland

Abuwasta Abuwasta

My late father Leon Rosner(1903-1999) >from Krakow lost
all his siblings(and their offspring)during WW2: a
brother and 4 sisters. He barely spoke about them and
we never knew their given names or married names.

In June 2004 I found on JRI-PL names of 2 Rosner
persons (Abraham and Hanna) >from Krakow whose parents
had the same given names as my grandparents.I assumed
that they were my father's siblings. It gave the
sister's married name and I rather quickly found out
that she had a son, Reuven Orschutzer (b.1925 in
Krakow) who survived and lives in Israel.

Last December I checked the Yad Vashem PoTs which went
on the Internet .There were 355 pages of "Rosner and
Krakow". On page 324 I got a testimony which was filled
in the US in 1980 by Rudolph (Reuven) Rosner(b. 1920 in
Berlin and returned with his parents to Krakow in
1933). He is the son of Abraham. With the help of the
Genners I found him in Florida.

Rudy Rosner came today to Jerusalem and I organized a
reunion between him and our other first cousin. They
have not seen each other since 1938!!!! and were sure
that the other perished as well (I was born in 1948
so of course they had no idea about my existence).
The Mayor of Jerusalem, Uri Polanski,who greeted last
year's IAJGS Conference, was present at the reunion.
After a year of search I have 2 first cousins!!!
I'll continue the search for the other members of my
father's family.

It would not have been possible without the Internet.
Jacob Rosen

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