Re: Naming a newborn after a sibling who died earlier #galicia

Abuwasta Abuwasta

I would like to thank all you who responded either
privately or via the different lists to my query. I
got more than 20 answers and I believe that it is my
humble duty to summarize them for the sake of all of
us.The Jewishgen archives contain some references to
this issue but the responsa I got are more focused.
Almost all those who responded were acquainted with
this phenomenon/practice and came across it,however
they differ in their iterpretation.

Few made the comment that because of the bad fortune
people would refrain >from renaming a newborn after a
sibling who died earlier.

However, the majority of those who responded made the
comment that traditionally a newborn was named after a
relative who passed away. It was a Mitzvah to do it.
If a baby who carried this name died,they would name
the next one after the same relative,sometimes addind
an additional name or a "kinui".

Whatever the reasoning,the net result is that one
finds in the same household successive children with
the same given name!!! More important,it is not a
mistake of the registering clerk and it should not
confuse us.

I hope it helps.
Jacob Rosen

--- Abuwasta Abuwasta <> wrote:

I am searching my maternal family KOENIGSBUCH from
Brzesko, Galicia and am making a steady progress.
Recently I came twice across a phenomenon of a
child(male) which died very early,within a year from
birth, and then the next child which was born was
given the same name.
I would like to hear how common such custom was,if
Jacob Rosen

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